When Precision Door was a smaller business, I was in the truck doing service calls myself. I “ran calls” for 20 years and one of the overriding, consistent thoughts that ran in my head was, “If people only knew to call us earlier, I could have saved them hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.”

This post will discuss some of the indications that your garage door needs to be repaired, which can save you the inconvenience and the money in Maryland and Delaware.

  • The garage door is reversing, going part way down, and then stopping and going back up. When this happens, people usually think that their garage door opener is broken or needs to be adjusted. While that’s sometimes true, what we find is that the opener is doing what it’s designed to do. It has sensors inside that tell it how much force it’s applying to open or close your garage door. When it reverses, it’s letting you know that you need a repair.
  • The top-middle of the garage door develops a crack. This happens for two reasons: The opener wasn’t installed correctly and the quality of the garage door is poor. Like I said above, if the opener is working correctly, it makes the door reverse. When excessive force is programmed into the opener and the door is too heavy or not rolling smoothly, that pressure is applied to the top-middle of the garage door. It gives the most at that point, so it begins to crack. Think of it as bending a crushed can back and forth: it comes apart. So does your garage door.
  • The garage door makes the house rumble. While you’re in the house, you know when your family member arrives home before they walk in the door because the garage door is vibrating the walls. This happens because your garage door is mounted to the main structure of your house.

You know how, if you live with someone every day, you don’t notice the changes in them. Then a relative or friend you haven’t seen in a few years sees them and exclaims, “Wow, you look so different!” You know what they look like, but you didn’t notice the changes that happened day to day. That’s what happens to your garage door over the years.

When your door and opener were installed, they were somewhat quiet. All of the noise you now hear is worn and broken parts.

At Precision Door, we have a Quiet Glide package that will keep your garage door silent for as long as you own it. With the right parts and maintenance, the opening and closing of your garage door will be peaceful.

  • The garage door rocks back and forth as it goes up or down. When your garage door does this, it’s a sign that it needs to be repaired. Think about it. You have a moving wall going up and down already. Adding a back and forth movement is asking for trouble. Any professional can fix this easily and get your door flowing gracefully again.

If you’re dealing with any of these issues in Maryland or Delaware, click here to contact the professionals at Precision Door.

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Dean Wilkinson – Precision Door CEO 

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