When leaving the house, we’re prone to running through a mental list of checks: keys in hand, lights off, garage door closed. But in the frenzy of our daily routines, sometimes we skip this out-of-the-house inventory and are left to worry instead.

The LiftMaster MyQ app may not be able to put your keys in your hand, but with access to your garage door’s activity via any internet-connected device, it’s capable of more than you may think! Delaware and Maryland homeowners can continue reading the post below for an inside look at LiftMaster’s latest smart garage tech.

Keep an Eye on Your Garage Door’s Status

Nervous that you didn’t push your door remote while backing out of the driveway? Not anymore. The LiftMaster MyQ app gives you instant, live access to your garage door’s status, which means you’ll never be in the dark as to whether your garage door is closed.

Receive Garage Door Activity Alerts

Customize your settings on the MyQ app to receive real-time notifications delivered to your smartphone’s home screen when the door opens or remains open. This allows you to instantly know when the kids or a family member gets home or whether your door’s been open longer than the threshold limit.

Open or Close Your Garage Door or Gate

While the MyQ app is wired to give you secure and instant access to your garage door’s position, you can also hook it up to an internet-enabled gate.

Say you need to open your garage door for a neighbor while you’re away or activate your property gate for a delivery to be dropped off. With the MyQ app, you can at the tap of a button from inside the house or millions of miles away.

Set an Open/Close Schedule for Your Garage Door or Gate

What if you could eliminate having to remember to open or close your garage door altogether? In the MyQ settings section, you can create custom open/close schedules for your garage door or gate down to specific days of the week or a one-time occurrence.

For example, when daylight hours are long, you could set a schedule to keep your garage door open to give the kids time to play in the yard after school while the gate remains closed unless prompted. You could also set a time for your garage door and gate to close weekday mornings that coincides with your daily off-to-work routine. 

Chat with a Precision Specialist about Your MyQ Options

Altogether, LiftMaster MyQ’s capabilities allow you to minimize frequent door opening and closing, thus saving you energy, raise your home’s level of security, and bring you the peace of mind you need from anywhere at any time!

And there are several ways to install a MyQ system whether you need a new opener or already have a MyQ-enabled device. Precision Garage Door of Delaware & Maryland is proud to carry LiftMaster brand products, known for their high-quality performance and cutting-edge features. Get in touch with us to discuss which MyQ avenue is best for your current setup.