There are numerous reasons why you might want or need a new garage door. Maybe you’re brainstorming ways to spruce up the look and feel of your property. Or if your old door is damaged, for example, a new garage door might be a more pressing need from a functionality standpoint.

The experts at Precision Door know better than anyone that a new garage door is an investment that’s worth more than you may think. Check out the top 5 benefits that a new garage door provides:

1. Fortified Home Security

Flimsy, easy to spy into, and only locked when you manually remember to do so, the garage doors of yesteryear could be considered more of a hazard than a secure entry point.

Today’s garage doors are made of durable materials, feature sturdy glass, automatically lock when shut, and can easily plug into your home’s security system. On top of that, automated systems allow you to always know the door’s position, even when you’re far from home.

A new door combined with our security tips allow your home’s security to do a complete 180.

2. More Convenient Operation

Lugging a manual door up and down on its tracks is pretty much the definition of a hassle, especially if you’re waiting for the rain to stop before you run out of your car, wrestle the door up, drive in and park, and then heave it back down.

With a modern garage door, upon arriving home, a simple button push is all it takes to streamline your route from the driveway into the garage. With remotes that can attach to your keys, you never even have to leave your vehicle.

3. Enhanced Curb Appeal

A new garage door can do wonders for the outer appearance of your home, especially if you’ll be replacing the original door that came with the property.

Imagine how your current door stacks up to one with a fresh finish and paint job and crisp new panels laid out in a bold, eye-catching design. These aesthetic qualities have the power to instantly transform how your home looks as well as its perceived value.

4. Fewer Energy Costs

Having a new garage door installed also allows you to save money on your home’s annual operating costs. In general, newer garage doors operate more efficiently and close tighter. Stronger materials used in the door’s construction and added insulation better regulate indoor temperatures.

Less air escaping and less process time spent with the door coming up or down adds up to impressive savings on your future energy bills.

5. Less Required Maintenance

Modern garage doors are made to smoothly operate and stand up to repeated use. Annual preventative inspections by a professional technician will keep your new door running well for many years to come.

In comparison to older door models, newer doors require less maintenance overall, especially in the case of a manual door that’s been a fixture on the property for decades. Many would deem these outdated doors capable of breaking down at any time.

Simplify Your Garage Door Shopping

These benefits go way beyond saving money; they’re an integral part of the safety and security of your home and your family.

For more information about moving forward with a new garage door, you can trust the industry’s experts who have been helping local homeowners in Delaware and Maryland just like you design, choose, and securely install a new garage door for over 25 years.

Precision Door of Delaware is here to serve you! For useful tips on how to conduct your search for a new door, download our free Total Garage Door Buying Guide. Full of style recommendations, budgeting and warranty information, and more, it’s the ultimate launching point that will ensure you find a new door that’s just what you’re looking for.