Smart technology is everywhere today — from your kitchen to your toilet. There’s no reason your garage should be left behind!

That’s where myQ technology for garage doors comes in. You can use the app to open or close the garage door from anywhere, so you never have to worry about leaving your home vulnerable. With the real-time alerts delivered through the app, you can secure your home even if someone else in the household isn’t so diligent.

You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing when your loved ones come and go. You can grant access to guests arriving from out of town and let contractors or utilities workers inside without having to be physically present in your home.

myQ is safe. You can rest assured knowing that your information on the app is secured. It’s also safer than giving out your door code to anyone who needs to access your garage or house.

You can get myQ without any expensive modifications to your home, and it’s compatible with most garage door brands manufactured after 1993. For more information about myQ, click here to see how smart — and safe — your garage can be.

A shot of the myQ history page, which shows recent garage door activity.