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The Dangers of Broken Garage Door Springs

A garage door’s springs begin to lose their effectiveness with continuous use. If you notice poor performance or see a broken spring, you should always contact an emergency garage door repair professional immediately. Continuing to operate your garage door when the springs are broken puts the safety of your family in jeopardy.

To help you get to know more about how to avoid the dangers of broken garage door springs, read the following post by Precision Door of Delaware.

A Garage Door Spring Set’s Purpose

Garage door springs play a key role in the smooth, easy, and effective operation of your garage door system. Each time the door goes up or down, the springs transfer power and offset gravity’s effects, making the door light enough for the opener to raise and lower when the receiver is pushed.

Why Not Wait to Replace Springs?

Garage Door Repair

Since garage door springs have such a major responsibility, a broken spring is an urgent problem that, if left alone, could quickly lead to the following:

Uncoil and Strike: To work properly, garage door springs rely on being wound up tight, carrying large amounts of tension. When a spring is broken yet required to continue operating, it’s much more likely to release this built-up power at random and without direction.

Total Collapse: If both springs break (which is more likely to happen with the added stress of one spring being already broken), the chance that the springs will give out and lead to a full system failure exponentially increases.

Spring Replacement Considerations

Aside from looking up and seeing a broken spring or experiencing a clear issue with your garage door’s performance, the number one way to avoid spring issues is to have your system routinely checked by a professional.

A Matter of Time: A standard spring set will last on average 5,000 to 10,000 cycles, which, depending on how often you use the door, could be as many as nine years or as few as three. If you know that your family uses your garage door heavily and you don’t remember the last time you had the system professionally inspected, make this a priority.

Replacing One Spring but Not the Other: Precision Door recommends that you always replace both garage door springs even if only one is broken. Why? Knowing what we know about the life expectancy of garage door springs, if the former set was installed at the same time, chances are the older spring that doesn’t have a problem now surely will soon.

Doing so can help to prevent quickly experiencing the subsequent dangers we mentioned above a second time.

Contact Precision Door for Garage Door Spring Replacements

Precision Door of Delaware’s premium garage door springs are fortified to last five times longer than typical springs, functioning on average for 25,000 to 50,000 cycles.

Better parts, highly trained technicians, and an immediate service line team up to ensure that when a spring breaks and you act quickly, you don’t only get your garage door restored to working order, but you also get the peace of mind that your family is safe.

Have a question about your door’s behavior or want to request service or set up a safety inspection? Call Precision Door of Delaware.

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Which Side are you On?

When it comes to owning and operating a garage door business for the residents in Maryland and Delaware, I have found there are two main approaches one can take.

The first approach focuses on repairing only the individual part that is broken. The idea is to save the customer from having to pay a hefty bill right now and wait until the other parts break one at a time, repairing them as they do. “Hopefully, one day the customer will buy a new garage door and opener, and I’ll make a lot of money,” is the thought. To me, this approach is like a death by a thousand stings.

Owners and operators of businesses that operate with this approach believe it’s better to keep the repair costs low so the customer will call them back for future needs. It’s a legitimate viewpoint but one that will cost the customer thousands of dollars over time.

The second approach focuses on safety before cost. A company that operates with this philosophy looks at the broken part and what caused it, what else is worn, and what will break in the near future. With this info, they’ll offer the client the option to rebuild the garage door and be done with the ordeal of staying home to meet a technician or instead missing work because they couldn’t get out of their garage.

This type of company will often offer to maintain the garage door instead of telling the customer to do it on their own. This company will give several options to every customer and let them decide how to proceed. This approach will also sting, but only once. And the customer decides how much.

We’ve found that most customers are just too busy with their lives to have to deal with garage door problems repeatedly. Rebuilding their garage door will cost more upfront, but doing so will allow the door to last longer, be safer, and prevent injuries occurring when homeowners are attempting to repair or adjust their own garage door.

These two approaches could be summarized as “Pay me now or pay me later” or “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

At Precision Door, in the mid-1990s, we started hearing from customers about their frustrations with other companies—and even ours at times—regarding why didn’t they/we fix that when we were here the last time? We listened.

All garage door experts, and even non-experts, after working on garage doors for a few years, know what parts will fail most often. We see it from day one. If the springs have worn, most likely the rollers, cables, and bearings throughout the door are worn too. If they haven’t already broken, they’ll show signs of wear and tear.

So why not offer our clients the opportunity to replace all of these worn parts before they break? We did and they responded. We call it a rebuild, and customers call it peace of mind.

All manufacturers of garage doors and openers strongly advise yearly service by a garage door professional because they know that a moving wall with over 30 moving parts will fail. Nothing lasts forever. We all know that. So why do we treat our garage doors as if this isn’t true?

After 26 years in the garage door business, I’m convinced it’s because of awareness. We just aren’t aware of our garage doors unless they break or look so ugly our neighbors are talking behind our back.

I’ve left many homes thinking that if they had just called us sooner, we could have saved them a lot of money. Everything from springs breaking for the second or third time, opener gears that were stripped because of worn parts, panels cracked and bent due to excessive force needing to be applied to operate the garage door.

I’ve also been to accident scenes involving death, a lost eye, a damaged-for-life hand, all because someone needed their garage door to close or open and didn’t get a professional to do it for them.

That’s part of the reason we built Precision Door to arrive at a home as quickly as possible. We’re built to get the residents of Maryland and Delaware in or out of their garage ASAP. Our trucks have the newest technology linked to our offices to ensure the quickest response time. Plus our trucks are stocked so we can fix your door on the first visit.

Our techs are trained to troubleshoot, repair, and anticipate problems in your garage door system. We fix over a thousand garage doors a day!

We know what we’re doing and we love doing it! Who else is passionate about your garage door? For all of your life’s ups and downs…

Dean Wilkinson – Precision Door CEO