Richard Clemente


New Jersey born and raised. Tech junkie and animal lover.

Background Check: Yes
Drug Screen: Yes


1/4/2024 – Richard was on time and he did call 1 hr ahead. He listen, asked questions and then inspected our garage parts. After that he asked more questions. When he was satisfied with what he saw and heard he put together 3 different solutions. Explained each and why that was a solution. I chose what I wanted Richard to do. He went about his business quietly, efficiently, and professionally. Job was done. Area was clean. I asked for and was given information that I may use going forward, and if I do I WILL ask for Richard specifically. Happy Customer

12/21/2023 – Richard gave us exemplary service. He was kind and friendly. He even worked on his day off. What was supposed to be a quick job ended up being an 8 hour job. I highly recommend this company. They were prompt and very efficient.

12/12/2023 – Richard Clemente provided his expertise to install a new garage door opener in a timely and proficient way. He was on time as promised and was knowledgeable and informative.