What to Do When Your Garage Door is Off Track

When you rely heavily on your garage door to gain access to your home, your lawn equipment, or your additional storage, it’s important to ensure that the door is in good condition. There are a wide variety of factors that could affect the overall function and security...

Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Now that the weather’s getting warmer and winter is on its way out, it’s time to prepare for spring! Spring cleaning your garage is important because it’s your chance to get rid of the cob webs and debris that started forming and collecting at the end of fall, as well...

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Having a reliable opener for your garage door can make all the difference. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you install the garage door opener properly, so the door can function at its best without any issues or hiccups along the way. Our team at Precision...

Ways to Update Your Current Garage Door

Your garage door is a crucial component to your home, as it factors into not only the design, but also the security. You may feel that it’s time to update your garage door, but you don’t want to replace it entirely. At Precision Garage Door of Delaware, we’re here to...

The Top Winter Garage Door Problems & Solutions

Winter can be a tricky time around the house. The bitter chill, the snow storms, and the shoveling are enough to want to stay inside. However, while most of these weather-related issues can be easily solved, there’s a few issues with winter and your garage door that...